City Council approves deficit reduction

Macomb, Ill. – Proposals presented to City Council to sustain revenue, were approved at Tuesday night’s Council meeting.

The city is currently battling a $540,000 budget shortfall.

Already, several reductions have been made, and more are to come next fiscal year.

One change, is the drop in Macomb police officers, from 27 to 24 on the force.

Mayor Mike Inman says he doesn’t believe there should be any concern for safety.

“Be assured that’s the last thing we want is endangering the community,” says Inman.

City Council also is expecting to increase fees for cemetery, building, and plumbing permits.

They’re taking these steps to prevent a budget shortfall in the future.

All fee increases are set to go into effect by May 1, 2018.

A complete list of the changes the city is making can be found below:

Public Works:
-Eliminate Mosquito spraying program
-Reduce Tree Planting program by two-thirds
-Eliminate snow removal contract on Jackson Street sidewalks
-Shift funding for one operations employee to Water/Sewer

-Increase Cemetery fees ($9,500 Revenue)

Community Development Office:
-Increase building permit fees to match those of peer cities
-Add site plan review fee
-Increase plumbing permit fee from $1 to $6 per fixture
-Raise rental registration from $18 to $22 per unit

General Government:
-Already mandated:
-Purchase only recycled copier toner cartridges
-Raise fee for Basic Liquor Licenses

Police Department
-Steps already taken by Chief Barker:
-Reduced K-9 units to one
-Required special event sponsors to use volunteers rather that officers
-Reduced the number of hours for special details
-Reduced overtime by reducing travel time for training by adding “Distance Learning” to training room
-Reduced overtime by restricting hold-over report writing to arrests and late calls
-Reduced overtime by hiring retired officers as part-time evidence room custodian
-Staffing requirement was reduced from 4 to 3 on C Watch
-SRT training has been reduced

Other recommendations to PD:
-Amendments to Code re. traffic and other violations
-Lower authorized number of certified officers by three to 24
-Would force 8 hour shifts, which would gradually mitigate OT
-Reduce investigation sergeant position through attrition
-Could force reduction in hours of School Resource Officer

Fire Department
-Steps already taken by Chief Hyde:
-Replace “Code Red” warning system with “I am Responding”
-Use Dan’s Diesel for truck repair and pump testing
-Use government contract to buy turnout gear
-New supplier for EMS supplies
-Use local contractor for overhead door repairs
-Reduce association memberships

Other recommendations to FD:
-Reduce secretary position to 20 hours per week
-Partner with Lifeguard Ambulance, housing them in Fire Station and providing EMT ambulance driver for hourly pay
-Subtract loss of Midwest Transport rent for fire station No. 2

Total Budget Impact: $633,215

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