WIU President Jack Thomas issues Letter to University Community

On Friday April 14, Western Illinois University President Jack Thomas issued a letter to the University Community regarding inaccurate statements that have been going around. In this letter, he clears up the confusion. His letter is printed below:

Dear University Community,
In light of recent inaccurate statements made by individuals unaffiliated with Western Illinois University, there are numerous rumors circulating about our institution.

I understand there continues to be increased apprehension as the Illinois budget stalemate is in its second year. However, the misstatements about the University are false and serve only to harm our institution. We have not declared financial emergency and Western Illinois University will remain open.

Our mission to provide a quality education will endure. Registration for both Summer and Fall 2017 is underway and summer orientation sessions are scheduled. We are actively recruiting students, accepting applications, and planning ahead for future semesters.

We have been fiscally conservative for a number of years, and that, along with the prudent decisions we have made thus far, is keeping our University moving forward. We will continue to serve and provide our students with a quality education. We remain focused, committed to excellence, and engaged in planning for the future.

Rest assured, we are not sitting quietly in the background. We will continue to have a strong voice in Springfield and beyond about the importance of adequate funding for Western Illinois University and for public higher education. We also continue to do our very best to make thoughtful, well informed, and strategic decisions that will serve our University community and preserve our institution’s integrity, mission, and tradition.

In the event that budgetary decisions are made that affect members of the University community, we will continue to share information in a timely manner, as has been our practice.


Jack Thomas, Ph.D.
Western Illinois University


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