Update: Macomb High School Searches for New Athletic Conference

MACOMB, Ill.– At Monday night’s Board of Education meeting, Macomb Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Twomey addressed the discussions of Macomb High School being a part of the reestablished Olympic Conference.

The Bombers are currently in the West Central Conference for high school athletics but there are only two other schools participating in football.

The Olympic Conference existed from 1976 but folded in 2010 when schools left for other conferences.

Macomb was already looking for another conference affiliation when several weeks ago Sherrard Superintendent Alan Boucher sent an exploratory letter to reform the Olympic Conference. Schools contacted included Elmwood-Brimfield, Farmington, Kewanee, Knoxville, Macomb, Mercer County, Monmouth-Roseville and Rockridge.

Already one exploratory meeting has taken place with the various school superintendents taking the lead rather than Athletic Directors of coaches. Another meeting discussing the reformation of the Olympic Conference is scheduled for Friday, January 27.

“Macomb is absolutely interested,” Twomey said. “If we can at least start out with six schools who have that same interest we could move forward.”

Twomey is confident that a deal on the conference could be made soon and he feels it is the best decision for Macomb since it’s an “all in” conference meaning it includes scholastic activities such as band in addition to sports.

Three of the contacted schools currently compete in the Three Rivers Conference who called an emergency meeting on Monday but no reason was disclosed as to why.

Even if a deal is reached reforming the Olympic Conference each school would have to finish out its current athletic conference contracts before officially joining.

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