Students Bring Fundraiser to WIU in Effort to Help Children With Cancer

Two friends at the university of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, wanted to help children battling cancer.

Brian and Zach created Love your Melon in 2012, and now more than 700 schools across the nation have joined the two entrepreneurs to help sell and donate hats

Within the last month, Western has become one of those 700 schools.

Madeline Stolinski is the chair of Love Your Melon at Western Illinois University.

She wears the hat with pride because her purchase of this one hat has given a child with cancer a hat, as well

Although the WIU crew has only been active for a month, they have already reached 215 points, a point per article of clothing. The Crew only needs 35 more to reach their goal of visiting a child in the hospital.

Melanie Pearson joined the Love your Melon crew at Western because she watched her 4-year-old cousin battle with cancer, and now she wants to help other kids.

The organizers say giving the gift of “love your melon” may not only bring a smile to your loved one’s face during the holidays, but will mean the world to a child with cancer.

To check out all the items Love Your Melon offers, head to their website:



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