IL Secretary of State: Some Illinois License Plates to be Replaced

license-plateThe Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has announced his office will be launching a passenger license plate replacement program beginning in January.

The purpose of the program is to replace the oldest license plates in Illinois with newly designed plates. The reflectivity of the license plates diminishes with age and impacts law enforcement’s ability to identify the license plate numbers.

White says,”This will ensure that plates are appropriately replaced with the ultimate goal being no license plate on the road will be more than 10-years old”.

If the passenger plates were manufactured in 2000 and 2001, it will be replaced.

In 2027, the process will restart with replacing license plates from 2017.

For vehicle owners who qualify for a new license plates, they will be notified through the mail.

They can recycle their old license plates by taking them to a Secretary of State facility and disposing them in the tamper-proof bin.


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