Voters Find Difficulties in Supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

In the 2016 Presidential Election, now President-Elect Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton were not well-liked among voters.

A CBS News and New York Times Poll says that only 46% of voters are enthusiastic about voting which was down compared to 57% in 2012 and 58% in 2008.

WIU student Hannah Harris says, “I feel like there both really just trying to plead to a certain side but not all sides and I feel that they are not giving sufficient enough advice and stuff to basically generate as to why they really want to be president.”

Throughout the election both candidates have been verbally attacking each other, especially on a personal level. It seems that it has taken away from their purpose and speaking on the policies.

This election has also made some people nervous, especially when someone they support gets into office.

Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department Keith Boeckelman says there is “a high level of fear that if the candidate people don’t want wins that there will serious consequences for the country so I think there is a lot of stress among the voters.”

Some people question whether their votes count and Boeckelman says Americans’ voices really will not count if they do not vote.

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