Tax Increase Proposal on the Ballot For McDonough County

mapOn Tuesday, the superintendent of the Macomb school district Patrick Twomey spoke with WIU’s Student Government Association on the county school facility occupation tax.

The proposal is asking residents to pay one cent sales tax per dollar spent to go toward funding of school facilities in McDonough County.

Twomey says, ‘We want to relieve the crowding issue in schools by building a new middle school. But after we will be looking building by building  and facility by facility and the school board and the community will decide together what kind of facilities do we want and where is our greatest need and that’s where those funds will be spent.”

Twomey says the sales tax has helped Illinois schools in different counties. McDonough County would be the 40th county in Illinois to pass it.

Student Government President Dovile Svirupskaite agrees with the one cent tax. She says, “I think that it is important to give back to the schools.”

Twomey says McDonough County residents can vote on the County School Occupation Tax when voting in this year’s election.

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