Stabbing Victim Allegedly Attacks Paramedic, Says Police

MACOMB, IL – BrianMcCue_10-22-16Brian McCue was stabbed in the back on Saturday, October 22.  Macomb police say they were dispatched to the 400 block of West Adams after 1am.  They arrived to find McCue walking with a knife in his back.

Police say McCue was highly intoxicated and uncooperative, and officers had to restrain him.  He was taken to McDonough District Hospital to be treated.  However, he “became combative” and “battered a paramedic,” according to a Macomb police department press release.

McCue was later charged with aggravated battery.  At that time, a suspect was identified and Macomb police continued investigation.

W. Adams, 400 blockA woman was arrested for attacking McCue as of Monday, October 24.

KendraTaylor_10-25-16Macomb police say Kendra Taylor came forward and admitted to the crime.  She allegedly told police that she stabbed McCue while they were at a party in a local residence.

She has been charged with Aggravated Battery.

Taylor (18) is a WIU student with a major in Forensic Chemistry. McCue (21) is also a WIU student, with a major in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.









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