City Administrator Leaves Macomb

sueOne week after the City Administrator left her position, the city is working on filling the vacancy.

On Thursday a press release from the City of Macomb was sent out saying there was a mutual agreement between the City and Sue McLaughlin about her leaving her position as City Administrator.

While there was no reason given for her exit, Mayor Mike Inman told NEWS3 this decision was the best for both the city and McLaughlin.

“We are covered by the separation agreement with some confidentiality concerns and I will tell you that when we met with Sue last on Saturday and she executed agreement and we left shaking hands,” said Inman. “At the end of the day we feel that this is best for the city and for Sue.”

Inman also said he has people in mind to fill the City Administrator position, but does not plan on anyone accepting the position until the first of the year.

Sue McLaughlin came to the city at the beginning of the year and took office on February 29, 2016.

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