WIU Alumni Reported Safe During Hurricane Matthew Scare

Four WIU alumni reported they left their homes safely before Hurricane Matthew swept through the sunshine state on Thursday, October 6th.

Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaColleen Donovan and Joe Flores, Western Illinois University graduates of 2014, as well as, Kurt Ritter and Holly Stauffer who graduated this past May in 2016, were reported safe.

Ritter and Stauffer currently attend Nova Southeastern University in Florida—but decided to leave campus before getting evacuated temporarily from their residence halls.

A majority of gas stations were left without gas. Grocery stores were out of bread, water, and various canned food items.

Stauffer said the weather is not life-threatening, but shared with NEWS3, “The weather started to get pretty awful around midnight on Friday, October 7th. Winds picked up significantly and rain felt like hail on your skin. The power flickers on and off, but hasn’t stayed off for longer than two minutes.”

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