DROUGHT WATCH: Drought Conditions worsen in Illinois

20160621_midwest_trdThe new U.S. drought monitor has been released and things do not look good. Despite the recent rains that we’ve seen across the area, drought conditions have worsened from last week to this week. Some areas have gone from D0 (which is abnormally dry conditions) to D1(which is moderate drought conditions). With that being said, water conservation is highly encouraged. Make sure to conserve water in anyway you can. If your yard hasn’t died off yet from the dry weather, when you mow it next, mow it at a higher level so any moisture remaining in the soil can have a harder time escaping.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.44.43 PM
Last week’s drought monitor

Even though some areas have worsened and are now in moderate drought, some areas did see improvement too. We have included last week’s map and this weeks map to compare. Looking at the maps, some areas did see a dent in the drought while other areas did get worse and are now in the D1 category, which is Moderate Drought. We’ll have another update on the drought monitor next Thursday when a newly updated drought monitor is released. The drought monitor is updated every Thursday at 7 AM Central Time.

This week’s drought monitor


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