New Protocol for Sounding Sirens in Macomb

The city of Macomb is taking action to close gaps in its emergency alert protocol.

At a Committee of the Whole meeting Monday, a new protocol for sounding sirens was introduced and approved.

Sirens will now sound for golf ball-sized hail and any winds over 70mph.

The National Weather Service will call the Macomb 911 center in a necessary alert situation, and the center can then sound all 9 city sirens. Macomb 911 will then disperse the info to necessary emergency response crews.

“Our job is to keep people safe throughout the area of Macomb and the county. We hope this new protocol will help residents understand how dangerous weather can be. This protocol was recommended by the National Weather Service and we wanted to put it in action to help people stay safe during inclement weather,” says Dan Kreps, City and County ESDA Coordinator.

Also mentioned is the “CodeRED” system. The service calls all city landlines in the event of a tornado or other severe weather event. Cell phones can be added to this list via Macomb’s city website.

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