Much needed money going to state Colleges and Universities

SpringfieldMoney-300x169The Illinois House and Senate both approved SB2059 which will send money to state Colleges and Universities. The state schools have gone almost 11 months without a budget and that has prompted many schools to issue layoffs. Recently Western Illinois University issued 110 additional layoffs of non-instructional staff in response to the budget stalemate.

The approval of the funds could not have come at a more dire time. Chicago State University cancelled their Spring Break and have sent out layoff notices to all 900 employees due to the budget crisis. They are currently in danger of shutting their doors at the end of April once the semester concludes due to funds running out. In addition to the layoffs of all 900 employees, Chicago State collected keys from faculty and staff as a result of closure risk.

SB2059 has been sent to the Governor where he’s expected to sign it.

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