Unique Fundraiser Helps Local Dog Rescue


12963417_1183667634986080_5783273210985168853_nA local non–profit organization, ePITome Dog Rescue, has saved over 200 dogs. On Saturday, April 2nd, they teamed up with Tattoo Blue for a different spin on fundraising.

Tattoo Blue offered $60 tattoos for $40, had several paw print designs to choose from, and all of the proceeds went back to ePITome Dog Rescue. In total, 28 people got tattoos, bringing the final amount raised to $1,300!

In an email with Angela LaFrance of ePITome Dog Rescue, she said the money will go directly to the bill for their “parvo puppies” they took in about a month ago.

LaFrance says these puppies were found outside of Walmart in late February and brought to the rescue for care. After only a few days with ePITome, one by one the puppies fell sick with Parvovirus. This virus is very complicated and expensive to treat. Unfortunately, 3 out of the 6 puppies succumbed to the parvo and did not make it.

The 3 puppies still alive are thriving, but the bill to treat them was so expensive, part of it still lingers over the rescue center. LaFrance said with the funds raised from last Saturday’s event, they have been able to get the bill down to $2,600.

ePITome Dog Rescue is a small rescue in Macomb for full breed dogs, like pit bulls, whose mission is to take dogs out of bad living situations, treat health issues, and place them into loving homes.

For more information on ePITome Dog Rescue you can visit their website at epitome-dog-rescue.org.


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