Details Released In Health Inspection that Temporarily Closed Local Buffet

Hibachi GrillWe now know why a local buffet restaurant was temporarily closed by the McDonough County Health Department.

Out of 100 points, Hibachi Grill Buffet received 51 on March 31st.

According to the McDonough County Health Department, multiple critical violations were made which required an immediate 24-hour closure. Some of the violations include cross contamination of food and improper food temperature requirements.

The health inspection report says the sushi cooler was maintaining foods at 51 degrees Fahrenheit. Chris Adams, Environmental Health Director at the McDonough County Health Department, says cold foods must be kept under 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The department ordered the affected sushi to be thrown away.

The report also shows that the dish washing machine was not sanitizing dishes because no chemicals were coming through the dispenser. The health department ordered the restaurant to ensure all dishes are dipped in sanitizer in a three-basin sink for one-minute contact time until the machine is working.

Also noted on the report was the lack of a plan to keep sushi rice from growing bacteria. Adams says the restaurant had been alternating between two plans to prevent this, but they should have only one. Adams says the restaurant has since established a method in writing stating the plan they will use.

Raw fish left at 46 degrees Fahrenheit on a counter unattended was also on the report.

The Hibachi Grill Buffet received 15 critical violations and 9 minor violations. The McDonough County Health Department will be returning today, April 6, to check the minor violations.

They were closed Thursday and part of Friday after the inspection. The Hibachi Grill Buffet is a category one restaurant, meaning they must be inspected twice a year.

See the full inspection report here: Hibachi Grill Inspection

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