Good Hope Area Cleaning Up After Tornado

Tornado damageResidents of Good Hope and the surrounding area are still cleaning up after a tornado tore through the area.
On Tuesday, March 15th, area residents were taking cover from an EF 2 tornado that traveled 16 miles through McDonough and Fulton counties. The National Weather Service says in all, six tornadoes were spawned by the storm.
“I looked and there was actually like three of them and they were like little fingers bouncing on the ground coming toward us,” said Dan Keime of Good Hope. Kieme’s home, shed, and barn were all damaged in the tornado.
Furniture, homes, and property were damaged in the winds that were estimated to reach 115 miles per hour.
Curious residents knew quickly that it was time to get in their basements.
“I noticed these leaves were not blowing that direction they were going up. At that point, after hearing the noise and watching the leaves start getting sucked upward, I ran in the house,” said Jeremy Hamm, of Good Hope. Hamm’s home received damage and a large tree in his yard was uprooted.
No human injuries were reported as a result of the storm, but there are many reports of animal injuries at local farms.
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