Huge warm up coming for Tri-States Region

Spring fever will be replacing the winter blues temporarily as winter loosens its grip across the Tri-States region. A huge warm up will be moving in and right now we could see temperatures up into the mid 60s! You could say that this will feel like a heat wave because it’ll feel so warm. High pressure will be moving off to the East throughout the course of the week and that’ll switch the wind direction out of the South. A warm front will move through the region on Friday which will also help in bringing in the warmer air. There were questions whether the snow that fell recently would hold temperatures down, but with the snow melting real quick, that’s going to help the temperatures climb more later this week. Friday and Saturday will both be great days to plan outside activities whether you’re running, playing a sport, chores, or just relaxing outside. To make things better, there’s no precipitation in sight for the next 5 days so that should hopefully brighten your mood some more! Have a great week everyone and enjoy this warm up!

–Devin Biggs

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