WIU Theatre Students Pass Stage Combat Testing

Students Competing in the Single Sword Test.
Students Competing in the Single Sword Test.

Students at Western Illinois University recently had the opportunity to develop combat skills in two proficiency courses.

The courses included Society of Fight Directors Quarterstaff and the Single Sword proficiency course.

Society of Fight Directors Quarterstaff course was passed by 10 Western Illinois University students.

In order to pass the Single Sword proficiency course, one has to take a test and the course was passed by 5 students. Learning stage combat skills is an integral part of the academics of theatre. Performers must be able to convey a story while keeping everyone’s safety in mind.

The courses were led by D.C. Wright the Associate Professor of Theatre at Western Illinois University.  SAFD Skills Proficiency Tests are held every semester with a different theatrical weapon style. The combat curriculum is organized in such a way that any student taking combat classes three semesters in a row, and successfully passing their Skills Proficiency Tests, will be recognized as an actor/combatant by the SAFD.



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