Sherman Halls Bells Chiming Better Than Ever

IMG_2808After 4 long months of waiting, the Sherman Hall Cupola is finally ringing its bells once again.  The project was estimated to be finished before students arrived for the fall semester, according to information posted on the WIU Facilities Management website, but ended up taking until the end of the fall semester.

The Cupola Restoration Project was estimated to be about $200,000 and included replacement of select roof components as well as a complete repainting.

“The new columns, bases, and capitals will be made of a composite resin as opposed to wood…It requires less maintenance and it will last longer than wood,” according to the Facilities Management website.

With the new coat of paint and replacements completed, students will now hear the bell chime at the top of every hour.  The rest of the scaffolding was taken down Friday.

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