Macomb Homes Shine Bright for the Holidays

Pretty LightsThe weather in Illinois may not appear like Christmas is less than a week away, but families across Macomb are still getting into the Christmas spirit with fabulously lit houses.

On the semester’s final “Good Morning Macomb,” Karissa Kouchis sat down with Ron Courson, the resident of the very brightly lit house on Lafayette Street, to talk about his experience decorating his home throughout the years. Since then, residents in Macomb who have seen the interview wanted us to look at their own brightly decorated homes.

One of those requests came from Jessica Roselee whose husband and children spent 3 to 4 weeks decorating as seen in the photo. Her husband started this with his grandfather and decorating has been a tradition for over 20 years.

“Most of the lights have been a collection over the years. Some have been handed down to me from my grandpa to my father to me. We have even made some, painted some,” said Roselee.

Other residents decorated their homes with lights that play to music. Every year, Macomb resident, Monte Colley sets up a “lights and sound show” for everyone to see. Songs like “All I Want For Christmas” or “Let it Go” and more can be heard throughout the night.

NEWS3 gladly appreciates all those who sent requests showing off their Christmas cheer, and we hope for all residents to appreciate your hard work this year.

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