Tree Board Proposes To Lift Ban Of Firewood At Spring Lake Park

FirewoodIllinois recently lifted the ban on allowing firewood from outside the state. Since the ban has been lifted, Spring Lake Park still does not allow firewood into the park.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, the Macomb Tree Board proposed to the council to lift the ban to bring outside firewood into Spring Lake Park.

The reasoning for this ban was to keep Emerald Ash Borer out of the park because the beetle kills ash trees.

According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the beetle has been found in 60 percent of the counties in Illinois.

Chairman of the Tree Board Morris Vos says, “It’s very difficult to enforce the ban at Spring Lake inspecting every vehicle that comes in, stopping every vehicle, and inspecting.  So there is a lot to be said for lifting this ban at this time.”

If the council agrees to lift the ban, visitors of the park can expect to bring outside fire in by the first of the year.

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