Snow Removal Affecting Residents’ Wallets

Snow-removal-with-a-snow-blowe-43869010City Aldermen have been discussing removal of snow along highways, school zones, and the downtown square now for over two months.

When snow covers the sidewalks alongs these areas pedestrians tend to walk on the highway or the street instead of the snow covered sidewalks.

City officials have been working on a new code to keep residents safe.  Mayor Mike Inman and City Administrator Dean Torreson along with other aldermen have come up with a plan to make it fair for the businesses and community members who live in that area.

Residents will be required to remove the snow on their property within 24 hours of snow fall.  The home or business owner will then be charged for the wage of the city worker who will remove the snow for you.  You will then have 28 days to pay the bill before it moves on to a collection agency.

The city is facing a time crunch in passing this code before the first snow fall.  It could be the first of January before this is passed.

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