Finals Week Information

FINALSIn conjunction with the recent post about finals tips, there are some policies towards final exams all students and faculty must face. For starters, finals week will extend over a period of 5 days where each exam is given about two hours to complete at their prescribed times. Typically, professors are not allowed to give any finals the Thursday or Friday before finals week to give students preparation (with the exception of laboratory final exams).

According to the Western Illinois University Finals Policy webpage, students should not take more than 3 finals in one day. If a student has 3 finals in one day, those person’s are entitled for a rescheduling. Should this happen, students must request a rescheduling with their professor with the smallest enrollment.

If in the event one student doesn’t have the capability of taking the final at the designated time (and the reason being out of the student’s control), instructors should attempt to reschedule. Although, if the student never arrives, resulting in an unexcused absence, the student will receive a zero. The policy continues explaining, “An Incomplete should be given only if the student has a valid excuse for not taking the final and it is impossible to schedule a make-up examination before final grades must be turned in to the Registrar’s Office.”

Lastly, final grades will be submitted to the Office of Registrar no later than 4 days following the last scheduled exam. For further information, search Policy on Final Examinations at the WIU homepage search engine.

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