Macomb Police Department Honors Lives of Fallen Servicemen

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.03.10 PMSunday marked the 85th anniversary of a police shooting here in Macomb. This past Monday the Macomb Police department commemorated the lives of four individuals who were killed in the line of duty. Officers Ernest E. Bowman, Albert Links and J. Edward Whittlesey died after attempting to apprehend a burglar back in the 1930’s.

Lt. Elwyn McFadden was also honored at the event. The lieutenant was struck by a commercial vehicle while working traffic duty. The accident lead to complications with his health and ultimately his death.

Macomb Police Department invited family members of the deceased for the wreath laying ceremony. Police Chief Curt Barker says this event not only commemorates servicemen from the past but also ensures working officers that the risk they take will not be forgotten.

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