Macomb residents facing aftermath of flooding

Flood damage photoIt has been more than a week since the heavy rains that caused massive flooding throughout the region, and Macomb residents are still working to dry out their homes.

“My roommate was here and she called me and she was like ‘Oh, there’s water in our basement’ and when she first discovered it there was probably like three inches,” says Sarah Farmer, resident of 318 N. Sherman.

“When I came home the water was about this high on the steps and that was about at 11 pm,” said her roommate. “And then by 7 in the morning when my roommate’s mother got here to put the subpump in, it was at about the third step, right here.”

Luckily no one was living in the basement and the only things ruined were some household items.

“Well the washer works now, but we don’t know about the dryer,” said Farmer. “The stove, the fridge are probably gone. All the carpet is probably really nasty.”

The women pumped all the water out of the basement on their own, because owners had over 25 houses with the same problem.

“As far as the landlords, we don’t really know what’s going on. They said that they would come have someone clean it. It’s been a week now and they haven’t done anything except for try to help us dry it out,” she said.

This was the first time the house experienced flooding since they have lived there. For now, the girls will have to wait to see what the landlords will do and hope nothing else comes floating in.

“We don’t even know where this came from, it just floated in the water when it was all flooded and just kind of landed there.”

VIDEO: Students still facing aftermath of flooding

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