Power outage damages local water plant; Conservation order issued

City officials are asking residents of Macomb and nearby communities to conserve water after a power failure damaged a component that helps purify water at the City of Macomb Water Plant.

At a press briefing earlier this morning Mayor Mike Inman addressed the issue, saying Tuesday morning’s power failure damaged one of three primary functions at the plant, reverse osmosis. Employees discovered the problem Tuesday afternoon and have been working since then to fix the component and maintain water purity for the district.

In place of reverse osmosis, workers are compensating by using a low pressure membrane system. City officials met with local heads of business, including officials of the fire department, McDonough District Hospital and Western Illinois University about this incident at 4 a.m. After the meeting, boil orders were issued to the community.

Inman says the city is still producing potable water, despite the precautionary boil order. He is asking residents to conserve as much water as residents can at this time, and to refrain from doing laundry and limit unnecessary water usage.

VIDEO: Press Conference with Mayor Mike Inman about Water Conservation

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