Local library nears fundraising goal

Macomb Public LibraryReaders from all over the community gathered at the Friends of the Macomb Public Library’s moving “sale” to add to their collection of books. The district cleared out the libraries storage unit, and accepted donations to give to the libraries Campaign for the Future.

“No Prices, free will donation, and some people have been very generous. They’ve given us some big dollars and said, ‘Here this is for the campaign’,” says Becky Parker.

The libraries original structure was built in 1908. Since then, a children’s library section has been added on, but it is time for the building to expand once again.

“The state said you really need a new library, and everybody agrees so we’re all pulling together for that effort,” says Parker.

The library will be receiving nearly 2.4 million dollars from the state of Illinois. The only catch, they have to raise around $800,000 by themselves before June 30th.

“I think that they feel very confident that we will get there with the remaining fundraisers that we have, and people still donating money”, says Secretary for the Defense of the Library Candace Mclaughlin.

The campaign has raised nearly three fourths of their goal of about $800,000. The Friends of the Library plan on playing a role in helping complete this goal.

“Our next role is the heritage day book sale, where we have 10 to 20,000 books all better quality,” says Parker.

And after a lot fundraising, the library is thankful for such a supportive community.

“We appreciate the continued support of all of the sales because the money goes for things even if it’s not this campaign that they provide a lot of support for the library itself,” says Mclaughlin.

VIDEO: Library Close to its $794,025 Goal

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