Votes tallied; SGA winner weighs in on results

SGA results
Candidates react to election results on Friday afternoon.

Candidates’ campaigning paid off for this year’s Student Government Association election and Board of Trustees election with more than 2,000 votes total. Students broke the record of the most votes ever being cast in an election beating the past record of 1,100 votes.

“We started seeing what they felt could be changed about the University, what they liked about the University, and any concerns that they had with the goings on of the University”, says Vice President-elect Steve Wailand.

Voting started last Wednesday, and the results finally came in by Friday afternoon.

Winning President and Vice President are Caleb Markey and Steve Wailand.
Board of Trustee is Andre Ashmore, and Senators at Large are Angela Bahr, Heather Smith, Sean Sullivan, and Paschence Jackson.

Each candidate had the chance to debate against one another before voting started on Wednesday. Contenders spoke of reaching out to the students, and how to spend funding. But one of the most heated discussions was about Vice President Candidate Antonio Marshall.

Antonio Marshall was arrested in Corbin the Tuesday prior to SGA elections for an outstanding warrant. His opponents say they brought up the topic at the last SGA debate to make sure that voters had the chance to know what was really going on.

“We feel like they have the right to know whether those things have happened in the past or not so at least they could take that into consideration when voting occurs,” says Steve.

And at the end of the day, SGA members are glad that the students took the time to vote.

“I’m just really excited and proud that students went out there and voted because that is really the number one way that they can show that they care about who represents them to the administration,” says Wailand.

VIDEO: SGA votes tallied; Winner weighs in on results

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