Pi Kappa Phi fights for fraternity house

Pi Kappa Phi About a month ago, members of the new fraternity Pi Kappa Phi set out to find a location for their fraternity house and 901 West Carroll Street stood out. However, many concerns have been raised by neighbors, including noise and parking.

“There seems to be no other plan for people who come for chapter, or social occasions, or overnight, or weekend guests, or what have you,” said one resident.

Pi Kappa Phi has been on campus for four months now. President Michael Quigley says their motto is being ‘men of class.’

“We pride ourselves on trying to be the different fraternity on campus,” said Quigley.

Despite a Planning Commission presentation and an appearance at Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, residents in the area don’t seem to be changing their mind.

“Many, many times people come before us with a great agenda of how nice they’ll be and how improved the neighborhood will be and how gung ho they are to make themselves different,” said another resident. “Those people graduate.”

Many local residents have raised concerns about bringing a fraternity into the house. However, there are other fraternities within just a few blocks of the area.

“Two other fraternities within the square block,” said Erik Ekstrom, Pi Kappa Phi Housing Officer. “That’s one of the reasons we chose that spot.”

Both Michael and Erik say they still have hope the city council will approve their special request.

“We wish we had the time to show you all that we are different than what you might have perceived,” said Quigleyto the city council. “And not just you guys, but also the citizens who live in that area. But with that, we absolutely respect the decision that you guys make.”

“I understand Macomb isn’t all about Western Illinois University,” said Ekstrom. “The community is what we’re trying to work with.”

A final vote on the issue will be made at next Monday’s city council meeting.

VIDEO: Pi Kappa Phi Fights for Fraternity House


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