WIU students rally in support of same-sex marriage

Gay marriage supportersThe sound of horns honking filled North Lafayette Street Wendesday as students rallied outside of Representative Norine Hammond’s office. Organizers say they’re there in support of marriage equality.

Students say they chose to rally outside of the representative’s office in hope that she would support Illinois in becoming the tenth state to legalize gay marriage. In the past, local senators voted down measures that gave marriage rights to same sex couples. In the state of Illinois, senate opponents have outnumbered supporters four to one.

The Supreme Court is now taking these legal issues on as it considers the Defense of Marriage Act.

By waving their posters, students like Rachael hope to make members in the community think about supporting laws that give rights to same sex couples.

“It definitely opens their eyes to it if maybe they didn’t know about it. So it gives them a stance even if it is negative, it is positive. It gives them a stance and it gives them an idea in their head,” says Rachael.

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