Post offices cut Saturday mail delivery

On Wednesday, February 6th, the United States Postal Service announced a major change to their delivery schedule: the end of Saturday first class mail delivery.

But not everything will shut down on Saturdays. The offices will remain open and package delivery will continue. Just first class mail will no longer come to your doorstep.

A news release highlights some positives for the USPS.

It talks about cost reductions and savings plans.

Also mentioning, the USPS has seen a 14% volume increase in package delivery since 2010.

And, research shows over 70% of Americans support the switch to just 5-day delivery.

The release fails to mention the losses of the Post Office over the past decade.

While many believe email was the death of the USPS, William Polley, an Economics professor at WIU, believes another online business pattern may have hurt the postal service even more.

“The use of online bill pay. Because so much of what used to go through the mail were checks. So you get your statement delivered to you by email, you do your online bill pay. And neither one has to use a stamp,” says Polley.

A frustrated Postal Commission had another set back this week. While they are trying to find ways to save money and their business, Congress is not working on their side.

“I understand where the Postal Commission is coming from,” says Speaker of the House John Boehner. “They’re in charge of running the Post Office but Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has tied their hands every which way in order for them to actually run the post office.”

A congressional committee is trying to force the Post Office to continue delivery on Saturday.

VIDEO: Post Offices Cut Saturday Mail Delivery

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